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The social networking site of the future brought to you and envisioned by gamers. CrouchJump derives its name from the popular strategy of crouch jumping in mid air to clear obstacles and obtain new heights. Our goal is to provide a fair way for gamers to connect in a number of ways.
Founders James Helms & John Helms
Date October 15th, 2018
$8,000,000 Million Stretch Goal
Feature Play With Me
Benefit Fortnite Battle Royale
Description Classic Map, Custom Made
02. Features Standard Features We currently offer the standard functionality that you might expect from a social networking site such as friends, followers, feeds, groups, events, etc.
So what are some big differences? •Functionality that gamers need.  •Monetize your content & make money.  •Grow your community and/or brand easily.
With the ability to connect to your social accounts, you can now focus more of your time on gaming. Allow your friends and followers to keep up to date with your various social channels without leaving CrouchJump, saving everyone time and energy.
07. Share your games GAME INTEGRATIONS By connecting games you play, it will enhance your user experience, networking, and at the same time inform your social connections of your gaming preferences.
Create Your Own Teams & Compete Against Eachother
Create a Team
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Choose a game
Team name
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Team Background (Optional)
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04. MANAGE YOUR COMMUNITY GROUPS • Tournaments & Events • Leaderboards & Ranks • Voice & Text Chats • Paid Memberships • Forums • Announcements 05. Monetise your events EVENTS With paid events, your community can now participate in activities fully customizable by YOU, the content creator. • Play With Me • Q&A’s • Conventions • Charity • Other
Some Questions You Might Have:
CrouchJump vs. Competitors?
When are You Going to Launch?
That all depends on you, the backers, and the amount of funding we receive. Websites require a lot of development, programming, bug testing and more. The amount of contributions that we recieve will dictate how quickly we can launch and the services we can develop. With our minimum goal we estimate that we can launch an early beta by January 2020.
How Will Funds be Used?
• Programmers and Designers - 40% • Marketing - 10% • Servers - 15% • Legal - 10% • Infastructure - 15% • Other Operational Expenses - 10%
What Platforms Will You Launch On?
CrouchJump will launch a responsive desktop site along with a supportive iOS & Android app.
Age Requirements?
All users must be at least 13+ years of age inorder to access and use any and all of CrouchJump’s services. Cash tournaments are only available for specific ages and regions but credit, points, and free tournaments are accessible by all CrouchJump users.
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The big difference between CrouchJump and competitors is our scope. There are sites that handle communties, tournaments, and events. However, CrouchJump brings it all together in one cohesive environment with a focus on what the gaming communities needs. We will constantly imagine, create, and listen to the needs of the community to provide the best possible service for gamers around the world.
CASH & CREDITS With cash or credits, users won’t be limited by their local laws. Regardless of age or location users can use cash or credits in various ways on CrouchJump and in some cases, be cashed out.  Even though credits can’t be cashed out, there are many practical uses that credits can provide. • Advertisement time for your content. • Compete in tournaments. • Tip other content creators. • Purchase services and products.
Create Your Lobby & challenge others
Stretch Goals Our Ultimate Vision This is where your help is crucial to the success of this kickstarter campaign. Back The Project     •      Share on Social Media     •      Tell Your Friends
Create Tournaments Create tournaments to compete against other users in 1v1’s or multi-tiered matches. Multiple tournament types are available to accomidate our wide range of users. $500,000.00
$500,000.00 Required Funding
$1,000,000.00 Required Funding
Marketplace Sell merchandise, products, and services to your target demographic. Easy to use and readily available to all users accross the site. Heavily beneficial for content creators, brands, and businesses alike. Make more doing less. $1,000,000.00
Sponsorship Oppertunities With companies and gamers having the ability to access the same social networking platform, it allows the process of sponsorship to more readily and easily accessible for everyone through an application process. This creates possible opportunities for all gamers to help in their growth and success among the community. $1,500,000.00
You Have Been Sponsored!
$1,500,000.00 Required Funding
 39M 29S
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Apply For Sponsorship Ends at July 29, 10:00 PM
320 Spots 120 left
$2,000,000.00 Required Funding
Voice & Video Communications Step up your social experience with voice and video chat capabilities, combined with other communication based functionalities to boost your overall connectivity.
Extended Group Functionality • Group Tournaments: Compete against other groups for cash, credits, and points. • Group Subscriptions: Groups can now charge monthly membership rates, and members get a verified group badge. $2,500,000.00
$2,500,000.00 Required Funding
$3,000,000.00 Required Funding
Brackets & Fantasy Leagues With visual brackets and fantasy leagues put together, players can now compete for high stakes or for bragging rights. Build your fantasy team from select groups to see how your team fares against everyone else. $3,000,000.00
Less Sacrifice, More Reward
Everyone comes to a point in life where they have to make tough decisions, ones that involve personal sacrifice and true desire. Give us room to stretch and expand the websites functionalities, as we develop, test, and constantly improve this social networking platform for the benefit of you, the user.
$4,000,000.00 Required Funding
$ 4,000,000.00
$6,000,000.00 Required Funding
Further Creative Implementations As we develop the functionality and design of CrouchJump we will find areas to improve the user experience and our ultimate goal is to not be limited by our budget. With your help we can go all out in making CrouchJump a social platform for gamers that everyone deserves. $6,000,000.00
eSports Gateway If we manage to raise our $8,000,000.00 stretch goal, we will be able to create the foundation to a new way for players to go pro. With an unparalleled standard for eSports Tournament Stat reporting and social connectivity, you can be noticed by reputable teams and sponsors. The days of uncertainity are over, focus on your skill, upload content, and let the community help reach your goals. $8,000,000.00
$8,000,000.00 Required Funding
Risk & Challenges For nearly a year, our team has been working day and night to dial in the design, development and production of CrouchJump. Our partnerships with leading designers and developers, will ensure the best user experience we can offer. We understand and acknowledge that no project comes without risk and challenges. Despite our planning, there are circumstances that may be out of our control. If we are met with these, we promise to communicate with full transparency to you, our backers.
Extended Leaderboards Leaderboards will feature many statistics from the site, such as: • Individual Points • Cash Earned • Credits Earned • Group Points • Group Cash • Event Attendees • Fantasy Leagues • Subscribers • Followers • And More... $3,500,000.00
$ 3,500,000.00 Required Funding
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08. be more precise CATEGORY FILTER Explore the many categories that CrouchJump has to offer so that you can easily access the information that appeals to you. • Search by games. • Search by systems. • Search by events. • Etc...
Forums & Community Voice
CrouchJump integrates a traditional forum based site with the power of social networking to provide multiple outlets for users, content creators, and businesses to connect like never before. • Share ideas and concerns. • Ask questions and get support. • Advertise your team or brand. • So much more...
03. CONTENT CREATORS STREAM CHAT INTEGRATION It’s easy to link your stream and notify your friends and followers automatically when you go live. This feature increases your connectivity with your community and allows for optimal growth. Grow your stream organically with built in sharing capabilities and more.
Individual & Group Chat CrouchJump has multiple built in messaging applications that can be used to share files, images, and more with individuals or groups.