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With powerful features to connect and empower the gaming community, CrouchJump is the central gathering place for all players, fans, communities, and brands. Grow your audience through stream sharing, build and manage your communities, and interact with other players like never before!

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Connecting gamers, content creators, and businesses across platforms.

and many more planned…

Easily Managable

Connecting your content has never been easier. Visitors will be able to see your complete gamer identity in one place.

Multi-Device Supported

Content is dynamic, as is the creation of it. Creating and browsing new content should be easy, no matter your device or location.

Powerful Platform

Built to scale, CrouchJump is implementing groundbreaking technologies to make your social experience better than ever before.

Clean Design

With a clean UI/UX design, users will feel comfortable navigating an intuitive and familiar interface.

Connect your social, streaming, and gaming platforms to centralize your content.

With CrouchJump, your content is centralized so that you can focus on what matters most - building your brand or business and monetizing your content.


Social Integrations Planned


Sources Planned

Get PAID to play? More than a dozen ways to make money doing what you love!

CrouchJump will empower gamers, streamers, content creators, and businesses with more than a dozen ways to make money so you can get paid doing what you love. Gaming!

Community Management Tools

CrouchJump offers communities a better way to collaborate. Whether you are managing a Team, Clan, or Guild, building your own community, or creating a group for people with similar interests, CrouchJump provides tools to make it easy!

Events for Every Occasion and Everyone

CrouchJump provides gamers, content creators, businesses, and organizations with the means to create both virtual and real-life events. From charities to play together events, you are sure to find something exciting.

Managing your event at CrouchJump is easy and helps to keep your participants engaged.

Events or social gatherings, whether online or in real life, let your participants socialize and share content.

CrouchJump vs Others?

As gamers ourselves, we realize that modern gaming comes with a string of challenges. CrouchJump was born out of a desire to tackle these problems and in doing so, we consulted with other gamers to identify practical solutions. By implication, this means that every single feature fitted into this platform was suggested by you, the gamers. The welfare of the gaming community will always be at the heart of CrouchJump, and it is this truth that sets us apart from the others.
  • Monetization - Our focus is to create functionality that provides you the user, with opportunities to monetize the content you work hard to create.

  • Creative Control - We focus on providing you as much control over your content as possible.

  • Social, Streaming, and Game Integration - Our focus to integrate with social, streaming, and other media sites, means you don’t have to leave behind what you’ve already worked so hard to create.

Wait! There's so much more coming...

That's right, this isn't all we have planned. This is just the beginning!

We are preparing our beta.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions. The questions below are common, and we hope the answers provided will address them. If you don't find answers to your questions below, please feel free to contact us.

CrouchJump's primary services are entirely free and will always remain so. There are value-added functionalities that users can optionally choose to purchase which will enhance their experience or utilize advanced services such as (cash tournaments, advertisements, featured content, subscriptions, etc.)

CrouchJump's goal is to launch in phases through a series of updates. The first phase of our project is our MRP (Minimal Remarkable Product), which introduces core services to our users that we can iterate and develop upon.

CrouchJump recognizes the many issues which plague content creators that make it extremely challenging to become a successful content creator, and, as such, we will offer a multitude of functionalities explicitly built for content creators to establish positive growth and stability.

CrouchJump has it all so that you can discover tools that work for your specific needs.
- Friend Management
- Community Building/Management
- Forums
- Team Finder
- Chatting
- Way More

We understand that gaming is so much more than the idle pastime it used to be. With the rise of Esports and professional gaming, we felt the need to provide gamers with an opportunity to chase a career in what they love. CrouchJump has done this by connecting you with brands, businesses, teams, and players who can support you on your competitive journey. As CrouchJump expands, so will the functionality. Some of our future development will include tournaments, endorsements, and sponsorship opportunities.

Commerce has become so intertwined with gaming that we would not dare ignore it. With CrouchJump, brands can create their business pages which come with all the functionality they need to engage and share content with their customer base. In subsequent phases, the CrouchJump ‘Marketplace’ will be implemented, allowing businesses to target specific demographics with discounts, incentives, and whatever services or products they offer.

CrouchJump has many plans for all gaming groups, including, but not limited to, teams. Our group pages will provide powerful group management functionality, which will be built upon and added to through ongoing feature updates. A few examples are: Create custom rankings, desired permissions for members, stream integrations, discounts to members for products and services, tournaments, and much more. In addition, CrouchJump will be pioneering a group subscription system, a feature that will allow a group creator to set a fee for joining the group. Group members can receive various benefits offered by the group creator such as special discounts codes, badges, events, and more. The group creator will be given absolute control over the cost of the fee as well as its nature as a single or recurring payment.

Still have a question? Reach out to us: info@crouchjump.com

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