Development Update 1.0

First off, let me thank you for being apart of the exciting future of gaming and esports by welcoming you to CrouchJump the Social Network designed to Unify Gamers across Social, Streaming, and Game Platforms.

As a follower of CrouchJump you probably know that we have been developing the company for about a year but made a significant push to restructure the framework of CrouchJump in May of 2019. This decision was made because we knew then that our success would depend on a few key factors:

  1. Features and Functionality
  2. Usability and Familiarity
  3. Scalability to support rapid growth
  4. Security and ability to deploy new features quickly

Because of these key ideologies we restructured our development and hand picked some of the best developers. Our now COO then, CTO James Helms has led them through their development process. To anyone not familiar with software development it is a lot like art. If you asked an artist to draw you a dog, and gave them no additional information they would likely draw their favorite breed of dog. Unfortunately that might not be what you had in mind, right? Development is very similar, knowing the potential for creating something that did not align with our vision was not an option.

Over the course of several weeks we carefully and clearly defined our project, function by function so that the picture we wanted to create was created right the first time and so that it would align with our vision.

To put things into perspective, as of today we have written more than 85,000 lines of code with more than 700 source files which help control the nearly 3000+ functions built into CrouchJump. This only accounts for a percentage of our Phase 1 Development Cycle which is what we intend to release to you as our Beta.

Another fact to consider is that we have very clear goals about what we want to achieve as stated above. Though that is more easily read by a frontend user, we too have to maintain control of our systems when it relates to customer security, privacy, and content filtering. So, while we are creating the frontend, we are also creating our backend, and because we feel strongly about open development we are working to ensure that our API is suitable for 3rd party developers to work with and create their own applications that can work within CrouchJump.

So, what does all of this mean? It is huge, and it requires a lot of time from a lot of people and we want to do it right. We are nearing the end of our Phase 1 Development, in fact internal beta testing has been underway for a few weeks now and we hope to roll out our Closed Beta soon.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the project, and we encourage everyone to stay involved, ask questions, and spread the word!

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