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Each member of the CrouchJump team has a lengthy background in gaming. Many of us have been competitive players, clan leaders, streamers, and content creators. We know the struggles gamers face, because we’ve experienced them ourselves.

We have a saying at CrouchJump that we don’t ever want to be a “Suit & Tie.” Our intentions and motivations with CrouchJump will and have always been what can we do to empower gamers and make their lives more comfortable because we are gamers ourselves. Ultimately this is a solution for us as well.


We are creating long-lasting solutions in the form of the functionality on our platform, which is unmatched. We take the simple stupid approach to innovating and inventing new features that can be used by anyone.

We are gamers, and we want every solution to be quick to create and implement. Staged releases allow us to focus more time on what we love most, gaming!

We stop at nothing

Our passion for gaming and the desire to overcome obstacles has instilled into us a work ethic that never gives in to challenging situations.

We Love To Explore​

As lifelong gamers, we have a natural desire to explore new opportunities and never to discount the value of the unknown.

We Take It Step-By-Step

We utilize our experience and intuition to analyze a problem, break it down into core components, and finally execute.

We Keep It Simple

The functionality that we imagine begins as an idea that is analyzed and tested to the point where versatile and straightforward meet.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

CrouchJump is the culmination of more than 50 years of collective gaming experience. John and James Helms envisioned a world where gamers could connect through their creative content like never before. Unlike most modern businesses that specialize in one or two market verticals, i.e., chat or streaming, CrouchJump focuses on solving all problems that the gaming industry faces.

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We solve the problems that gamers face!

CrouchJump over your obstacles as a gamer and clear new heights.

Excited for the future of gaming? Want to be apart of that future? Help us create "THE" Social Platform for Gamers.

Make it easier for your audience to connect with you. CrouchJump connects your gamer identity across multiple platforms. Spend more time creating and less time managing.

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